Please note that IRRCi is scheduled to dissolve by December 31, 2018. The John L. Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance at the University of Delaware will take over the award beginning in 2019, as well as sustain access to the full body of IRRCi research.

In the meantime, below is historical information on the award.  Please check back soon for updated deadlines and submission guidance as the award transition occurs. Please be advised that information below is relevant for past awards and may change for the 2019 award. 

question_MediumNOTE: Please do not contact judges regarding award.

  1. Who is eligible to apply? Academics and practitioners in the U.S. and abroad have been eligible to submit papers. Submissions may be an original work created specifically for the IRRCi Research Award, or relevant published or unpublished papers.
  2. How do I apply? Academics and practitioners in the U.S. and abroad eligible to apply have completed the online form to submit papers. The 2019 award deadline and guidelines will be announced soon.
  3. What is the application deadline? The 2019 award deadline and guidelines will be announced soon.
  4. Will I receive confirmation that the application was received? In the past, applicants received an email acknowledging receipt of the application form and paper.
  5. Can I mail or fax in an application? In the past, only online applications have been accepted.
  6. Who are the judges? Previously, IRRCi assembled an esteemed panel of judges with broad and deep finance, investment, and economics experience representing practitioners and academics. We invite you to review past judges’ biographies here.
  7. Can I contact the judges? To respect the time of our judges, please do not contact judges regarding award.
  8. How will judges review the papers? Previously, judges have utilized the following criteria to review and assess each paper:
    • Innovation. Does the paper add to the collective knowledge base, either through increased empirical research and/or through innovative theoretical construct?
    • Relevance. Does the paper have relevance to the objective of the award?
    • Clarity. Are the ideas in the paper clearly expressed?
  9. How will applicants be notified of the award? In the past, winners have been contacted directly in December of the award year. All award applicants have been notified via email, and then winners are publicly announced via web site posting in December of the award year.
  10. Can I submit a previously written paper or must it be original work? In the past, submissions could be an original work created specifically for the award, or relevant unpublished papers, or previously published papers.
  11. Who is not eligible to submit a paper? Papers which have been supported in part or in whole by the IRRCi have not eligible for the award to avoid any conflict of interest or perception of favoritism.
  12. Can I submit multiple papers? In the past, multiple papers could be submitted.
  13. Can multiple authors submit a paper? Yes. Please note that in the past for a winning paper with multiple authors, the award was divided evenly between each author. Each award recipient has been fully responsible for all applicable taxes.
  14. Who owns the copyright of winning papers? For past awards, the IRRC Institute has been granted a broad license to publish, reproduce and publicize the winning papers. The authors have retained the copyright.