Since we began issuing reports in 2008, Investor Responsibility Research Center (IRRCi) has made a deep impact – far beyond our expectations. Our wide body of research reports empowers investors, policymakers, and other stakeholders to make better, data driven decisions.

How do we know this? Because the research findings are widely cited among policymakers, the news media, academics, and thought leaders. Our research has found its way into reports by the Congressional Budget Office, Securities and Exchange Commission submissions, and covered by media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Financial Times, Business Week, Reuters, and Time.

Looking back, we’ve come to understand that IRRCi is unique in several ways:


We are passionate that our research be objective and unbiased. This is critical because we often examine highly charged, complex issues argued by partisans with passionate and divergent views. As a result of our impartiality, our research often is cited by proponents and opponents of an issue. When that happens, we are pleased to have been able to elevate such dialogue through factual research.


about_overview_infographicWe do no research in house. In effect, we assess issue areas in need of research, benchmarking data and/or analysis. We then seek qualified research organizations, fund the research, conduct quality control, and proactively disseminate the research.


We fund both practitioner and academic research. We find that we can help academics focus their research so it is pointedly relevant to investors and companies. For example, the recent University of Delaware study debunking peer groups for executive compensation has sparked a rethink of traditional executive compensation metrics. Simultaneously, awareness of meticulous academic standards enhances our practitioner projects by challenging them to produce high quality research, rather than polemics or position papers.


We do not engage in fundraising. From the outset, the IRRCi Board of Directors effectively agreed to “go out of business” when the sale proceeds are depleted. This means we spend no time or money on fund-raising, so we can focus exclusively on research and impact. That translates to exceptional efficiency; last year more than 85 percent of our expenditures funded research. It also means that we avoid any potential conflicts and can be bold in choosing our research areas.

We hope this website is useful. We look forward to charging forward with our research agenda, affecting the discussion around important issue areas, and proactively disseminating the research so that it continues to reach a broad range of interested parties here in the U.S. and abroad.