The mission of the Investor Responsibility Research Center Institute is to provide thought leadership at the intersection of corporate responsibility and the informational needs of investors. The primary way we do this is to create, support, and disseminate objective research. All grant funding, whether with for-profit or not-for-profit suppliers, must support that mission. While we will consider all relevant areas for funding, the projects funded to date tend to be in four overlapping areas:

  1. Environmental. These projects have the potential to enlighten companies, investors, regulators, academics and others about the interplay of capitalism and the environment.
  2. Social. We include diversity, high-performance workplaces, training, corruption, supply chain, and other social/corporate issues in this area.
  3. Governance. The Institute funds new research regarding corporate governance issues.
  4. Capital Markets. The Institute believes that the structure of capital markets directly affects the actions of investors and corporations. Therefore, we fund projects which examine the underlying structure of capital markets — including such issues as accounting, capital formation, new or changing market players, investor and corporate behavior, time frame issues, etc. — as long as the institute believes such structures have a proximate relationship to how companies and investors behave.

Many projects cut across several of the environmental, social, governance and capital market areas. The Institute funds both academic and practitioner research. The Institute seeks to fund objective research.

Conditions and Restrictions

The Institute funds both solicited and non-solicited proposals. Nothing herein shall create any obligation to fund any proposal. Nor shall anything herein create any obligation to respond to proposals, whether solicited or not.

All decisions to fund are at the discretion of the Board of Directors, or, through delegation of the Board, at the discretion of the Executive Director.

As the mission of the Institute is educational in nature, the final results of all funding (e.g. report, paper, other knowledge generation) must be freely and widely available.

All funding is pursuant to a contract, grant agreement, or other legally-binding agreement.

The Institute generally will not fund:

  • Events (unless ancillary to an otherwise funded project)
  • Advocacy
  • Projects where the knowledge created can not be shared widely or is only available at a cost
  • Projects which will cost more than $100,000 in Institute funds.

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